Yes, it’s fabrication. No, we’re not making it up.

We can make virtually anything out of metal, but what we’re really known for is making relationships that last. Okay, that might sound a little cliché—especially in the metal fabrication industry—but when it’s true, it’s true. Just ask our customers.

The first thing you have to build is trust.

When you communicate with your customers (and for the life of us, we can’t figure out why this is so hard for some vendors), you form the basis of a good relationship. When you actually follow through on what you say, you solidify that partnership. This is how we manage every single project that comes through.

Here’s how we prove it.

We got a call one Friday not too long ago with this request: “I need two parts by Tuesday, but I don’t have a drawing, so let me describe them to you.” He did. And he had his parts on Tuesday. That takes trust and communication. We’ve got plenty of both.

Really, it’s just common sense.

We talk to our customers. We listen to our customers. We don’t nickel and dime them. And while we turn things around quickly, they’re finished to exacting standards. That’s what we like to call genius.



M&O Fabricating Mission Statement

M&O Fabricating is a growth oriented manufacturer of high quality metal products.

Our goal in business is to deliver innovative service which will exceed our customers’ expectations while providing growth opportunities for our employees as well as providing profitability for our company.



Company Quality Policy

M&O Fabricating is committed to continual improvement for all internal manufacturing techniques and services in an effort to meet or exceed our
customer’s expectations.

We achieve this by:
        • Providing opportunities for employee involvement, along with positive motivation and training.
        • Developing, documenting, and following established process practices.
        • Embracing high values for life and family.